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Digital Touch

Ignore technology at your own peril!

Technology has changed social interaction and threatened to replace traditional advisory roles (think of robo advisors).

To sustain and grow, advisors must learn the art of digital touch using technology.

The use of technology not only add value to client's relationship but also help to open up new demographic and market reach for the advisors. 

In addition, technology can be harnessed to craft better and more effective financial solutions to meet the clients' financial goals.


Opening New Markets


This is a 1 day digital marketing course that teaches the industry best practices, and proven methodologies to craft an effective digital marketing strategy for advisors.

The course requires heavy hands-on learning activities, group discussion as well as creative thinking thought process. 

Participants will gain insight into the current digital marketing strategies, frameworks, and methodologies practiced by digital marketing industry experts. They will be able to design simple comprehensive digital marketing engagement campaigns, select the appropriate styles to suit marketing campaigns.

For that quick start, we will provide a toolkit of templates, checklists, and starter guides to assist in the crafting and implementation digital marketing.

Web Presence


This is a 2-day instructor-led course that teaches participants to create their own personal website, as well as blog. By the end of the course, the instructor will have walked through with the students, and guide them to create a website template that is appropriate to the advisory industry.

Participants can expect heavy hands-on learning activity. Having a personal laptop for the course is compulsory. 

Participants can use subsequently this channel to promote their own branding, success stories as well as introduce new market campaigns for lead generation and grow their clientele and business.

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