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Different needs at different times with different advisory techniques.

Sustaining a Dignified Retirement


This is a 1 day course that focuses on the practical aspects of a holistic approach towards wealth creation to sustain a dignified retirement. Advisors will be taught to analyze existing assets presented by clients, and additional assets that need to be put in place to fund the retirement lifestyle desired by the clients. 


Legacy Planning


High net-worth individuals (HNIs) have challenges that require special knowledge (as well as a different emphatic approach) that are not found in the normal course of advisory work. Often, such needs require knowledge and skills sets beyond to craft a solution that could extend beyond mere investment/insurance product knowledge.

Legacy planning is the perfect fit to equip advisors which such know-how.

This is a 2 days course. Besides the main speaker, advisors will also get to hear from supporting speakers (legal, tax consultants).

Achieving Multiple Needs Based Advisory


At the end of the 1 day course, the advisors will be able to acquire the know-how effectively gather information from their clients using high-value questioning technique. From these data gathered, the advisors would learn how to identify multiple advisory angles.

Advisors will also be able to takeaway ideas/tips on the current trends of picking up ‘business’ leads.

5 Steps to Sustainable Wealth Creation Solutions


This is a 2 days course that focuses on the practical aspects of a holistic approach towards wealth creation for the clients.  Advisors will be taught to use a structured process when crafting advisory solutions for their clients. The solutions crafted will be able to meet the high standard of reasonable basis expected in the industry.

This is an excellent course for advisors who aspire to be knowledgeable in crafting solutions from investment and insurance products.

Convincing Your Clients With Maths!


Very often, clients need convincing with hard numbers. Or they simply don't know the know how to work out a solution.

After a 1 day course, advisors will be able to structure more convincing recommendations for proposed solutions in addition to qualitative basis.


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